You own a small B2B service business, one where you and possibly some staff use your expertise to help other businesses solve problems. You know most of your future clients are searching online these days for the solutions you provide. You want to capture the attention of these prospects and convince them to contact you. You don’t want to spend a ton of money and you are willing to invest some time to learn how to create an approach that will work consistently. You have come to the right place.

Here are the steps that your ideal prospect goes through:



The prospect realizes they have a problem and want to find a solution. Click here to learn how you can help make prospects aware of the problem they have and be motivated to search for a solution.


Search for solutions


The prospect evaluates possible solutions and contacts providers to determine which solution to buy. Click here to learn how to position your services so that prospects see you as unique and providing great value.



Decide on provider


The prospect decides on who will provide the solution to their problem


You don’t want too many calls or emails from prospects

You may think I am crazy saying this. You would think that a lot of prospects turns into a lot of clients? Not usually. If you have the wrong type of prospects contacting you, it ends up wasting a lot of your time because your efforts result in few actual clients. I would rather have fewer well qualified prospects contact me. That way, I am speaking with people who have already started to convince themselves that my solution is the one that will solve their problem. Throughout the three stages, you will want to help prospects identify if they are right for your solution or not.