My name is Dave Paradi, and I am not an Internet marketing guru, web developer, web designer, or marketing consultant. I am a business person who has run my own training and consulting company since 1999. In my journey of developing my expertise, I had to figure out how to market my business to attract qualified leads. I am an introvert by nature, so I didn’t enjoy the sales routine that most people suggest, such as networking events, cold calls, and “getting out there”. It’s just not natural for me. I needed a different approach. And the web offered me that. I started writing a bi-weekly newsletter in February of 2002 and I still write it every two weeks. This start at content creation has expanded into articles, videos, books, and more. Putting this valuable content out there for people to find has driven the growth of my business. I created this site to document what has worked for me (and others) as a way to answer those who ask how I get the results I get. If you want to check out my work as a presentation expert, you can visit my website at (that’s the business that pays the bills).