Regularly adding well written content to your website is the single action you can take that will have the greatest positive impact on the ranking and effectiveness of your website. When I say this to small business owners, I usually get a response that they don’t know what to write. Here are five types of articles any expert can write that will be of interest to their target market and improve the results from their website.


This type of article is a simple list that will help your ideal client. It could be the tips to address an issue, mistakes people make in some area, resources you have found on the web to address a topic, or any other list of items that makes sense. It doesn’t need to be long. Start with a list of five items and work your way up to ten if you want to. You aren’t going into detail on each item, but giving a starting point for your reader. (Notice that this article is a list type of article) If you want, you can then write a more in-depth article about each item on the list if it makes sense to do so (giving you even more articles).

Solution to a Problem

This type of article shows the reader how to solve a problem. It has a definite structure and has the details they need to successfully solve the issue at hand. These types of articles are often shared with others because if it helps one person, there are likely a lot of others also searching for a solution to that problem. Search engines also like this type of article. The structure should include: a statement of the problem, how to identify this particular problem based on certain symptoms or signs, an explanation of possible causes of this problem, how one goes about solving the problem (preferably with detailed step-by-step instructions), and a list of other resources that can help if this solution doesn’t work or the problem they have is not exactly the one being solved in the article. Learn more in this article.

Case Study/Success Story

These articles are used to build your credibility. They prove that you can solve the problems you say you can solve. This type of article focuses on a specific situation with a past client. These articles are important for prospective clients because they need proof of your ability to solve the problem before they contact you. These articles should also follow a set structure: state what the problem was that the client was facing, calculate what that problem was costing the client (preferably in dollar value terms), explain what solution you provided, and then demonstrate the benefit of the solution (preferably in the same units used to calculate the cost of the problem). Learn more in this article.


A review article is where you give your opinion on a book, tool, software, resource, or any other relevant item in your area of expertise. If you are an expert, your opinions will be valued by others. They want to know what you think, since your experience and perspective is deeper than most. This type of article can be very timely if written about a recently released item, and can generate traffic to your site as people are looking for informed opinions on the new item. After spending time with the item, you should discuss what you liked, what you didn’t like, and how you see this item being used by your target market.


A commentary article is also one where you are giving your opinion. In this case, it will be more focused on timely events, such as a news story, blog post, or published article. These articles may be shorter, but are valued by those looking for the reaction of experts like yourself. Include in the article your first reaction (agree, disagree, confusion, anger, etc.), how your thoughts changed upon reflection, how you think this event/item will affect your industry/market, and any lessons you draw from it. This is a type of article that is more spontaneous and less planned since it is a reaction to an event.


The knowledge that an expert has about their area and industry should make it easy to write articles for their website using the five types of articles above. At a minimum, you should be able to produce one article each month, and likely more than that.