Years ago I figured out that I didn’t enjoy the traditional sales route of networking, attending events, handing out business cards, cold calling, etc. The best way for me to grow my business was to attract qualified prospects online, convince them that I had a solution to a specific problem they were having, and get them to contact me by phone or email. Since I was now talking to a prospect who had pre-qualified themself, the conversation was easier and my closing rate is much higher. I also don’t get the unqualified prospects who are going to waste my time.

This approach has been successful for my business where I sell my training workshops to corporate clients. I can track at least $100,000 in business each year to clients who first found me on the web. When other professionals found out about my success, they asked me to share what I had done. I have created a course for accountants and I have spoken to professional speakers about this topic. This site is a way to collect the ideas that have worked for me and share them with a wider audience. It also serves as a resource center for the sessions I deliver on this topic.

The ideas here will work best for a small business that sells some sort of expertise or service (possibly along with some products) to primarily businesses, such as accountants, lawyers, consultants, content experts, office services, etc. It may not be helpful if you sell to consumers or are a larger business; businesses such as a convenience store, chain restaurant, or mass market retailer may not find these ideas of much use.

The articles and commentary on the site are based on what is or has worked for me in my business. You may not experience the same results in your own business. I hope my writing inspires you to consider how you could effectively market your small B2B service business on the web.