In this article, I outlined five types of articles any expert can write to create content for their website. One of the article types is an article that shows how you successfully solved a problem for a previous client.

These types of articles help convince prospective clients that you can solve their problem because you have solved similar problems in the past. Just because someone visits your website doesn’t mean they will necessarily contact you. They need to see evidence that you are the solution provider they can rely on. A case study or success story article helps provide the proof they seek.

This type of article should have the following four sections:

Problem Description

The first section in a case study or success story article describes what the problem was. Make sure you show how it is similar to the one that many prospective clients are struggling with. If the case study does not directly relate to the situation the website visitor is facing, they may not see how it is related to their situation. This is why you should have at least one case study for each of the common problems you solve.

Size of the Problem

The second section in the article is a measurement of the size of the problem that the case involved. Every organization has more problems than they have resources to solve. The ones that get attention are the ones that are big enough to solve. Provide a measurement of what this problem was costing, what difficulties were being encountered, or how much of a challenge it was. This shows the prospective client that you have experience dealing with the size of problem they have.

Solution Overview

The third section of this article provides an overview of the solution you provided in the case. You don’t need to go in to a lot of detail with this explanation. Keep it at a high level so the focus is the fact that a solution was provided instead of every detail of what you did. The details of the solution for the prospective client will, of course, be different, so keep the discussion at a high level. Let the visitor know that you would be happy to discuss the details of the solution when you speak with them. This can give them a reason to contact you and you will know what specific problem they are facing, making the discussion more productive.

Benefit of the Solution

The final section of the article provides a measurement of the impact of the solution. Show how it benefited the client who was having the problem. As much as possible, show the difference using the same measure as in section two, when you described the size of the problem. You can talk about cost reduction, revenue increase, increase in measures of customer satisfaction, or any other relevant measures for the situation at hand. The prospective client wants to see that your solution actually made a difference, so make that clear.

By structuring your article with these four sections, you can show the prospective client that you have the experience to solve the type of problem they have, the size of problem they have, and provide a solution that has a positive impact on results.

Once you have created a number of these case study articles, consider collecting them on a single page on your website so that visitors can easily access an article that proves you can solve the specific problem they have.