In this article, I outlined five types of articles any expert can write to create content for their website. One of the article types is an article that shows the reader how to solve a problem.

These types of articles are important for any website. Many web searches are looking for the solution to a problem, so search engines value articles that provide the solution. When someone finds a solution to a problem, they share it with others on their own site or through social media, which results in more visits and helps search engine ranking.

This type of article should be structured with the following sections.

Problem Statement & Identification

Start by stating what the problem is and how to identify you have this problem based on symptoms that can be easily identified. Because you are the expert and the person who has the problem is not an expert, you need to make sure that the description of the symptoms is clear and written in language that non-experts will understand. It may be valuable to include images that will help people identify the problem, such as screen captures or photographs. You may also need to help people rule out this problem by explaining symptoms that may be due to a different problem. If it is not the problem this article covers, give them links to other resources that can help solve the problem.

Cause of the Problem

It is important to let people know how the problem is caused. People are wondering how this problem was caused so that they know how to avoid the problem happening again. The cause may also help identify what the solution could be. If there is no common cause, people also want to know this as it will give them comfort that there is nothing they did to cause the problem.

Solving the Problem

This is what someone is really looking for in your article. Start with any tools, equipment, or documentation they may need before they start. Give them step-by-step instructions for solving the problem. Include any options during the procedure. Illustrate the steps with pictures or images. Include links to other instructions that they may need to refer to if they run into certain issues. Format the steps so they are easy to print out if it is not likely they can view the instructions when solving the problem.

Wrapping Up

Once they have solved the problem, invite the visitor to add a comment to the article adding any new tips or hints for others. You can also invite them to share this article with others via social media. Give them steps they can take to avoid the problem occurring again.

By writing articles that give solutions to the top problems your ideal prospects face, you position yourself as the expert in this area and drive traffic you want to your website.